At heart, a good loan officer’s goal is to keep you informed on the mortgage products that best fit your unique needs. Knowledge and understanding of these financial tools is often key to your success in a variety of important ways. Let’s consider a few.

What does personal success look like to you?

While that answer may vary greatly from person to person, for many, it centers around the home and the people who live there. A good loan officer is an individual who understands this, someone who realizes your individuality and who can create a personalized plan for achieving your dream home. For a first-time homebuyer, this may mean an FHA loan with a low down payment and lenient credit-score requirements. A veteran in a cosmopolitan area may choose a custom-tailored VA loan, while a homebuyer seeking more rural space may be a good fit for a USDA loan.

What’s your idea of professional success?

America’s workplace landscape has undergone a seismic shift of late. A growing number of non-traditional earners are part of a rising tide of increased telecommuting, an expanding gig economy, and a boom in small-business startups. A good loan officer can be a constant through these changes, offering guidance on financing options for those who don’t fit the mold for traditional mortgage approval. Rather than relying on W-2s, pay stubs, and other employment records, Non-QM bank statement loans look at bank deposits to verify income. Similarly, 1099 Only loans are designed for people with non-traditional earnings.

What’s your strategy for financial success?

It’s often the case that jobs provide one with financial security, while investment leads to financial success through wealth building. Partnering with the right loan officer means having a financial expert in your corner to advise on a range of investment possibilities.

Looking to invest in real estate? A loan officer may suggest a Simple Access® Non-QM Investor Cash Flow loan that considers the income that a potential rental property – such as a single-family home or a multi-unit property – will generate instead of the borrower’s employment record or debt-to-income ratio. But for you, investing may not mean purchasing a property; your loan officer may recommend using the money from Cash-Out refinancing for a host of different investment options.

How do you find the loan officer who is right for you? It starts with contacting us to talk about the success you wish to achieve.

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